Sun, Oct 22, 2017

The Radical Disciple: Balance

Duration:37 mins 22 secs

The Radical Disciple: Balance

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:1-17

A 6-week Sermon Series based on “The Radical Disciple” by John Stott Non-Conformity Christlikeness Maturity Balance Dependence Death


Portrait of a Disciple Newborn Baby (vs 2-3) to _______________

Living Stones (vs. 4-8) to _______________

Holy Priests (vs. 5) to _______________

God’s own People (vs. 9) to _______________

Sojourners and Pilgrims (vs. 11) to _______________

Servants of God (vs. 13-17) to _______________

Balance                                 Individual Discipleship ———— Corporate Fellowship

                                                 Worship —————————— Work

                                                 Pilgrimage ————————— Citizenship


Next Week: The Radical Disciple; Dependence

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