Sunday School

On Sunday Mornings, Sunday School is an important part of learning the Word of God. Children and Adults can both be enriched and encouraged by God's teaching on Sunday Morning. We have a number of Sunday School Classes available for both children and adults during both of our Sunday Morning Worship Services.  

Adult Sunday School Classes


10:30AM    Green Room           Larry Nemitz               Wesleyan Quarterly

9:00 AM     Green Room           Bev Robinson              Wesleyan Quarterly

10:30AM    Room #7                  Eva Boswell                  Ladies Class


Children Sunday School Classes


9:00AM     Room #4      Lynette LeVan                         4th & 5th

10:30AM   Room #5     Shaun & Lea Harrington       Tweens

10:30AM   Room #6      Pastor Ben Wade                    Senior  Teens

9:00 AM    Room #2      Nancy Zecher                          Pre-school

9:00 AM    Room #5      Amy LaForte                           K & 1st

9:00AM     Room #3       Donna Schermerhorn          2nd & 3rd